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 Export & Import

Whether you choose to ship using air or ocean freight, you can depend on our experienced staff to advise you on the fastest, safest and best-priced carrier for your business needs . We have 8 years of experience in import and export service

IBT  is serious about good for building healthy and long term business relations. You can build an export import business with our corporation in a few hours that would have taken you months on your own custom export import business. The Services is now the chief commodity of almost export import business operating easily and online. That said, you can think of our services as the easiest way to start & build your own export import business. You just do more with less. With highly returns and safety properties, it is really simple to start your own export import business with more than 1 billion products available in our collection from world. We add on average 450-500 new products with a broad spectrum of types and categories monthly. You can find the best products depending on the demand and other options.We understand that our customers need an excellent services and products. Believing that a professional Exporter Importer is still the best pattern for starting export import business.

IBT Products

IBT mainly focused in marine scraps , import and export services and garment industry.IBT is serious about good for building healthy business relations

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Marine Scraps

We are the most powerful marine scraps suppliers in the world. We can supply entire world for marine products and we supply all kind of marine coppers

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We are the manufactures of garment products located in Delhi Faridhabad. We manufacturing gents , kids , ladies cloths , jeans and inner wears

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