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IBT mainly focused in marine scraps , import and export services and garment industry. IBT is a group of talented designers peoples who love doing unexpected things together can change the traditional business. IBT is serious about good for building healthy and long term business relations

IBT carries out buying and selling of scraps of containers, ships, barges, tugs, industrial scraps, marine scraps, used machinery copper and secondary steel. Our other area is export and import services . We make it doable for any particular person, maximum satisfaction, to build and customize our own new export import business.  team is now an awesome core group of experienced people using everything they have learned to help you build International Relations the right way. We also  manufacturing gents , kids , ladies cloths and custom design and brands according to modern fashion and changes .Our expert teams have years of experience in garment industry .

Marine Scraps

We are the most powerful marine scraps suppliers in the world we can supply entire world for marine products and we supply all kind of marine coppers

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Export Services

Buyers and sellers wishing to export goods will benefit from the deep knowledge and experience of our IBT professional freight forwarding staff.

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Import Services

At IBT our licensed, professional import services team has years of experience and ensures your goods sail smoothly through the lot of country’s Customs

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We are the manufactures of garment products located in Delhi Faridhabad. We manufacturing gents , kids , ladies cloths , jeans and inner wears

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Exporting and importing helps grow national economies and expands the global market. Every country is endowed with certain advantages in resources and skills. For example, some countries are rich in natural resources, such as fossil fuels, timber, fertile soil or precious metals and minerals, while other countries have shortages of many of these resources. Additionally, some countries have highly developed infrastructures, educational systems and capital markets that permit them to engage in complex manufacturing and technological innovations, while many countries do not.

Imports are important for businesses and individual consumers. Countries like Ellen’s often need to import goods that are either not readily available domestically or are available cheaper overseas. Individual consumers also benefit from the locally produced products with imported components as well as other products that are imported into the country

Oftentimes, imported products provide a better price or more choices to consumers, which helps increase their standard of living.

Countries want to be net exporters rather than net importers. Importing is not necessarily a bad thing because it gives us access to important resources and products not otherwise available or at a cheaper cost. However, just like eating too much candy, it can have bad consequences. If you import more than you export, more money is leaving the country than is coming in through export sales.

On the other hand, the more a country exports, the more domestic economic activity is occurring. More exports means more production, jobs and revenue. If a country is a net exporter, its gross domestic product increases, which is the total value of the finished goods and services it produces in a given period of time. In other words, net exports increase the wealth of a country.

What our clients say

If there's one information source I feel is important for our planners and new business people around the network, it's IBT. Nothing else has the depth of past experiences on the marketing problems we face daily- John Woodward
We can never get enough good information, insight and support for a case we want to build. IBT is an invaluable tool for us across our global network- Sun Jwellers
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